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Gokhan Ozkok Ney Workshop: WARRANTY OF QUALITY


The neys which we produce are categorized in accordance to their performance as either professional or student neys and is presented to you ney players and ney enthusiast with a guaranteed tune. Our neys genealogical trees are available. This is recorded with reference to a serial number at the bottom of each ney under the parazvâne on the ninth segment. This serial number has a record of all the characteristics of the ney including the age of the reed, ney type, mouthpiece measurement, dimensions, production date, and customer  details. The customer on request can obtain these details. In the event of losing your ney, the serial number will aid in identifying the owner. The founder of the ney can contact our workshop and the owner will be found inreference to the serial number. This has proven to be useful in the past with such incidents occurring. Also on the last bottom segment of our neys we have placed our registered signature and seal offering you a peace of mind guarantee which separates our neys from others on the market. A carry case may also be obtained on request.These bags are easy to carry, dust and waterproof, zippered with a carrying strap.