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Born in UskUdar Istanbul in 1927. He completed his primary and secondary education at Usküdar Paşakapı and his senior high school years at Haydarpaşa and Beyoğlu. After his military service he continued on to Istanbul Municipality Conservatorium.

During his school years he engaged and excelled in various sporting acivities. Coming from a musical family, he began music a a young age. During school years he began playing the accordian and harmonica. During the periods spiritual atmosphere he learned religious sufi music.

Niyazî Sayın has been greatly influenced and guided by recordings from the great Turkish musician Tanbûrî Cemil, religious music education, and the old Istanbul music communities.
He began music lessons in 1947 with Ebruzen Mustafa Düzgünman. During these years his interest in the ney led him to begin classes with Neyzen Gavsi Baykara, the son of Abdülbâkî Dede whom at the time was the leader of the Dervish Convent at Yeni kapı. During this period, through the guidance of the omnicient and great calligraher Necmeddin Okyay, he began art lessons with Halil Dikmen whom at the time was the director at art and sculpture museum in Istanbul and a teacher at the Fine Arts Academy of Istanbul. He resumed his studies with Halil Dikmen for 15 years throughout his years at the conservatorium.
During this period he engaged in the studies of Sufi music, painting and photography with teacher Mustafa Düzgünman. He also learned the art of making prayer beads and collections through master Galip Usta in Edirnekapı. During 1954 -1950 he worked in the Radio of Istanbul.

During 1956 �1969 he played in the Istanbul Municipality Conservatorium, during which he began teaching at the newly established Istanbul State Conservatorium.
In 1980 he taught Turkish music at the University of Washington for one year along with Tanburi Necdet Yasar. He gave numerous international concerts in countries including England, Germany and France.
In his own words he has gained his knowledge through Mustafa Düzgünman, Şeyh Hayrullah Efendi, Mızıkalı Muhiddin Efendi, Zekâî Dede student Kadırgalı Hüseyin Fahreddin Efendi, Hâfız Ali Efendi, Kadıköylü Vâhid Bey, Emin Ongan, Şefik Gürmeriç and Mesud Cemil. Niyazî Sayın has placed his mark on over half a century and continues his works in Istanbul State Conservatorium.

Yarım asra imzâsını atmış bulunan Niyâzî Sayın görevine hâlen İ.T.Ü. Türk Mûsikîsi Devlet Konservatuarı’nda öğretim görevlisi olarak devâm etmektedir.