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Gokhan Ozkok Ney Workshop: NEY DECORATIONS


The tradition of decorating neys is quite old. Neys that were used in the olden day Dervish convents and lodges had decorations such as silver wraps over the segment joints and works of calligraphy over the body of the ney.


Producing the segment wraps is a painstaking process that requires great detail and care. Each segment must be prepared by producing a canal 0.5 mm deep by 5-8 mm wide. The canal openings must be consistent and at the same ratio along all the segments. Once the canal has been levelled out it is then tightly wrapped with bafon, which is also known as German silver. It is finished with what is know as a “hidden knot” this is a knotting technique which is tied from underneath the wrapping keeping the knot out of sight. This is a very strong knotting technique and should not come lose if it is performed correctly.
If this technique is not performed with care and detail it may result in damaged segments on the ney, if the canals are opened too deep or wide it will weaken the joints and the same time ruin the aesthetics of the ney.


On request raised and overlapping calligraphy works can be applied to our neys. At current the words are limited to a quote from the first couplet of the Mesnevi, “Bişnevez ney” (listen to the reed). This decoration carried out on request by the leading contemporary calligrapher Abdülhâdi Erol DÖNMEZ.